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Meet the Designer - Tracie Byrd

Inspired2Create is MY life story!

As a child, my family moved every 3-4 years due to my dad’s career. I was always rearranging things in our house. "Mom, all we have to do is move this chair here....and move that table over there. See! Now we have more space." I've always been extremely visual. Space planning came easy, blending patterns, & marrying rhythms of color came natural. My mom said I was a "natural interior designer around age 10." It warms my heart every time a client refers me because I live off my referrals. I LOVE WHAT I DO!

"Every space deserves its own vibe & style, plus it should TELL A STORY."

I earned an Interior Design degree from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY. My clients are spread across the country - NY, NJ, MD, DC, GA, NC, SC, & TX, to list a few. For over 25 years, my focused career path has been interior design, home/office space planning, home stager, project management, marketing & new business development.

I have been married for 17 yrs & we have two perfect children (LOL). I love watching football, basketball & track events. I enjoy playing tennis, family bike rides, being silly with the kids, attending church, school volunteering & spending time with family & friends. I thrive when I invest in others, because relationships matter!!

“GOD created me, and with my gifts, I am INSPIRED2CREATE!”

Meet the Designer - Tracie Byrd